Tristony, or the Three Mirrors

The Plane of Tristony was the first manufactured plane, originally made from a single realm in the Therratallen plane surrounded by three roothearts. It was removed as an emergency in order to prevent the Red Void from eking into other planes, releasing unknown malevolence and horror into the veins of the Blackroot passage.

Aramine was a realm with two minor (and one major) Outer Spiritual Planes connected to it that were unique to its people and its placement on the Therratallen void (as one might think of Tartarus and Mount Olympus being connected physically to Greece). Three Gods, borne as triplets as the Blackroot formed Aramine from the shapeless void, presided over the living and the dead. The Godwars which took place along the branches of the Blackroot had already passed through Amarine, leaving massive ruins and strange lifeforms in its wake besides the surviving mortals, left to forage and waste away in all that remained. During the Wars with the Titans, many Gods fell and only demigods remained under the dominion of the three surviving Gods: Regolithim, Herald of the Noble Dead, Thalenna, Keeper of the Cradle, and Saprolitus, Lord of the Augurite.

Regolithim held dominion over the Grave, or Godsgrave—-where the souls of the deceased pass through on their way to the dying void, or stay, as Noble protectors of the Black Seal (the altar stone's power by which the Aramine realm was connected to their Godly planes), both physically connected and bound to a cliffside in the far Northeast of Isthalla. Thalenna held dominion over the Cradle, a strange land teeming with life and strange ethereal beings, as well as many hidden things (it is said that life on Aramine began there, long ago) which was physically connected to a large island to the Southernmost Reaches of Ishtalla. Saprolitus held dominion over the Augurite Caves—-a workshop physically connected to the Malamite Mosque in the Eastern reaches of Ishtalla that acted as portals between his realm and Aramine.

Though their purpose and power did not change altogether much after the Titan Wars, the three Gods had very little contact with one another, instead primarily dealing with the mortals of the world and caring for them in their eternal duties as life, growth, and death. Regolithim kept to his temple, speaking only to the dead and his disciples. Thalenna kept to the Cradle, appearing only to the living mortals worthy of her blessing. Yet, Saprolitus held little office, save for that which he gave himself: a Godly Lector, an inventor and scholar of the most severe and deified sort. He kept to his 'meddlings' as his siblings called them—-twisting and unwinding where it was uncertain he could mend, the fabric of time and space, pushing the limits of the multiverse and the cosmological void which surrounds all things. Without Gods to arm with weapons and new inventions, he instead armed his subjects with knowledge, power, and technology. His finest disciples were invited into the Malamite Mosque, a library, laboratory, forge, and collector's apothecary of the most supreme sort, to work as scholars would for a master. At one time, it was not uncommon for mortals to cross paths with a disciple or two, digging in the ruins of the Titan cities long since gone, and studying the three strange masses of shining gem in the sky they called 'roothearts,' to bring back information to the Mosque.

Saprolitus, amidst meddling with mortal affairs on a relatively constant basis to test out his many weapons and inventions—-held a great obsession with the roothearts. He knew at one time, before he or his siblings manifested in the void, that some of the first echoes of sound and sight he held in the darkness was that of Titans utilizing roothearts that grew along the void to do all manner of black things, like empowering weapons or repairing their very bodies—-even going so far as to create more Titans. This, as a chaotic and relatively dark individual, intrigued Saprolitus to the highest degree. Eventually he discovered a weapon belonging to the first Titan to arrive on Aramine—-Thetivon, Prince of Suns. Thetivon was slain by Thalenna, and his many parts were scattered into the void, in the hopes that they would never again integrate and herald his rise to power. 

The weapon intrigued him, but its powers would not reveal themselves. Saprolitus' curious compulsion would not allow him rest. It ate at his sanity and what was left of his benevolence. Voices spoke to him, from above and from below. The weapon hissed in deep silence, as his wonderment turned to corrupt resolve. Strange thoughts and designs and machines of unknown power plagued him in his studies. His form began to twist and distend in only months of time, becoming hunched with gaunt eyes and graying hair, knowing that his wealth of knowledge would keep growing and the voices would speak louder to him if only he could reach into the sky and pluck the roothearts from their sleeping stones. He worked until his fingertips bled black, and his teeth began to pull away from each other. His son, the demigod Pedolith, begged him to stop his madness and destroy the weapon—-but Saprolitus fed him to it instead. What emerged then, from the strange red stone fed and sated with the blood of a half god—-was something more alike a half-Titan. Screaming and enraged, plagued with pain and bloated distention. Its speech was black and sounded like the roars of a beast. The handsome lad was no more. 

And Saprolitus learnt the weapon was fed with blood.

With the voidstone weapon, Saprolitus created masses of inventions—-hulking warriors made from stone and steel and flesh and fire, powered by means unknown to even himself, who managed to breathe life into them using artifacts of power from the fallen void. Strange phenomena would rise from lakes and caves and frozen walls, as if beckoned forth by powers unknown. The dead did not rest easy, any longer, and the siblings of Saprolitus began to take notice in his unusual self-exile. Regolithim and Thalenna became concerned as these strange happenings unfolded as they watched feebly from their realms, while Saprolitus became more cruel and demanding of his disciples, even taking to consuming their essences and their souls before stuffing all manner of things within their corpses.

Mortals shouted and cried to Regolithim and Thalenna, seeing strange things happening in the sky above, as the roothearts diverged from their usual path, blotting out the sun and moon as they vibrated and drew together. The very core of Aramine thrummed, and the Cradle and the Godsgrave lurched in their Godly planes. The bridge of Blackroot binding them physically to Aramine was shuddering and stretching, swelling and pulsing with strange red power. 

Aramine was being dragged from Therratallen, and into somewhere else.

Regolithim sent Knights of the Noble Dead from their graves, and Thalenna sent every kind of otherworldly familiar imaginable speeding from the south to the Malamite Mosque. The creatures and beasts and titans were too much, emerging from red voids in the sky and black holes growing in the earth. Lakes turned red and the ocean turned white. The many Kingdoms of mortals stood tall and fought valiantly to no avail as the voidstone in the Mosque drew the roothearts together. Disciples wrote that Saprolitus whispered to the stone, weeping tears of blood and laughing as he opened his veins over it, feeding it the blood of a God as the rootstones drew nearer, glowing with a blinding red fire surrounded by complete blackness.

Regolithim called to Thalenna from the Grave, as he struggled to keep the Godsgrave, Cradle, and Aramine from converging. The roothearts that were hewn from the same root as the Black Seal were breaking, fusing with one another and creating planar rifts into the unknown scarlet. Red, is all anyone could see. The night sky was tinged with blood and horror, and without further warning, the planes converged, stretching the realm of Aramine halfway into a red void. Horrors filled the sky. Everything was wrong. Backwards, mirrored. Millions of mortals cried out in terror.

Thalenna, Keeper of the Cradle and gracious Guardian of Life, wept into the Well of Venna that held the physical bridge between the Cradle and Aramine, and twisted it in her fist, breaking the stone it was made from and buying Regolithim time to separate the Malamite Mosque from Aramine, or at least sever all Blackroot ties to Aramine's new plane. She leapt into the well, drowning in the red void where Aramine had been taken, and clambered out of the Font of Aurum in the Malamite Mosque. She and Saprolitus fought as Regolithim used the power of the Black Seal to sever all ties to other planes, even the Blackroot itself from which all was made.

Saprolitus and the creatures of the voidstone were too powerful for Thalenna, and in a last ditch effort to save Aramine from the corruption emanating from the stone, she forcibly took Saprolitus into her arms, and impaled them both onto the sharp tip of the voidstone and hurling into the Font of Aurum, sending them back into the drowning deep of the Red Void between worlds and between planes, only to rise in a pool of their own blood from the Well of Venna in what remained of the corrupted Cradle, having destroyed the last remaining connection to the Malamite Mosque on the way down.

Regolithim, weeping from his Temple prison, let go of the Black Seal which was keeping Aramine, the Godsgrave, and the Cradle together. The roothearts fused in the sky with a massive explosion of power, wiping over the realm with a cataclysmic wave of pure void energy, separating the three places into three planes as if Aramine was composed of three mirror realms. The Godsgrave, the Living Plane of Aramine, and the Corrupted Cradle of Thalenna. Tristony.

For 3000 years, Regolithim hid Tristony from all other planes, seemingly away from even the Gods. No planar traveler arrived, and life for the Araminians of Isthalla returned to normal, minus the patronage of their Gods. 

However, with time, a corruptive plague of the strangest sort began to rise up from the South, at the former location of the Well of Venna, slowly changing Isthalla and forcing its inhabitants to fall back to safer soil as Regolithim's hold on the Black Seal Waned…

Tristony, or the Three Mirrors

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