"Fellikshem: To give the fingers what the hand cannot."

- Regolithim

Fellikshem is an interesting obsidian and amberite glove with a strand of enriched aurumite along its center. Encased in the aurumite is the last surviving reliquary and root of a Charnel Oak, nearly all of which are now shriveled and long dead in the desolate, molding reaches of the Godsgrave. It has now fused to the bones of its wielder, Sorrel Fallunkal, grafting the roots of the Charnel Oak in her very marrow. The leather of the glove has burned away as it set fire to her flesh when she put it on, and is now, in its physical appearance, an engraved vambrace of black metallic wood, obsidian, and metal protruding from her skin, painlessly. When activated, an entire armored glove of that same metallic black wood grows from the vambrace immediately, extending all the way up to her bicep. As the bond between the reliquary and Sorrel grows over time, new abilities will be discovered.

Current Discovered Uses:

  • Knowledge of the Dead: The Charnel Oak (combined with the many bodies, spirits, and souls that fed it in the Godsgrave) is now a part of Sorrel, and has granted her an intelligence boost of a permanent +3 INT modifier, +2 Damage to all Arrow firing attacks, and an AC bonus of +1.
  • Ashen Quiver: Fellikshem can create Windlance arrows from the barksteel which forms the glove around Sorrel's arm in an instant, giving her an extra arrow firing action per turn in combat, as well as eliminating the need to carry normal arrows any longer.
  • Aurumite's Reach: Within 40 Feet, Fellikshem can use its strange interplanar power to telekinetically grab an object. In combat, this is considered a concentration spell, and what Sorrel can grab and how it can be held is deeply roll dependent. Outside of combat, it is not as heavily roll dependent, and if it is used more than 7 times per day, in or out of combat, Sorrel must take a short rest to replenish the 7 charges or else her bone marrow will start to crystallize, her movement speed will half, she will not be able to jump, and Fellikshem will no longer create arrows. Other than those stipulations, infinite use, but still roll dependent.


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