Camreth is a very old city, having been around long before the First Corruption yet sometime after the Godwars. It was once the inert base of a hollowed volcano which eroded in very little time into volcanic sand and fertile ground, possessing natural walls that have since been shaped into the walls of the Camreth Citadel. A single somewhat precarious land-bridge connects it to Ishtalla's mainland, making it one of the most easily fortified and impregnable fortresses ever seen on the whole of Amarine. It has only been overtaken once by the forces of the Red Winter, due to a bit of foolish subterfuge undertaken by King Aligen Vaeneroth I that allowed entry via the volcanic sewers.

The cliffside seat of Camreth originally belonged to the Family Gallicen—-a fearsome people who feared the entry of outsiders and despised non-humans. They stopped being fearsome when they took in a Dwarven envoy and tossed his disembodied head across the bridge back to his brethren. The envoy's daughter, Kotinia Godolsdottir, a talented mage, forced what was left of the lava deep beneath the surface of the former volcano up to ground level and burnt the entirety of the Family Gallicen to a crisp for their grievous offense, along with the first castle in Camreth, formerly known as Breachwall Keep. The ruins now barely stand on the Southern end of Camreth, and serve as a vineyard and citrus orchard, the walls now covered in vines and wild berries. Kotinia Godolsdottir went on to live in Camreth and founded the Cathedral of Amboss, for Ambossinia, the Dwarven Goddess of Architecture, Crafting, Smithing, Runes, Beauty, Fertility, and Feminine Strength. It is one of the most finely crafted buildings in the whole of Camreth, save for Felcliffe Keep and the Citadel's Engelturm Tower, all of which were built with the guidance of the Dwarven Priests of Ambossinia.

Camreth became a great supplier of some of the finest agricultural goods and technology in the land, eventually surpassing the work of Saprolitus' Disciples in the nearby Geschulte Academy in Detterik. This was partially due to Saprolitus' growing madness and increasing secrecy, but it still decreased their credibility in the eyes of the people. It still serves as a major supply hub for surrounding Kingdoms and Fiefs. 

The Family Vaeneroth, now the highest born family in Camreth and a respected bloodline in the whole of Ishtalla—-had humble beginnings as weapon-smiths and carpenters, eventually rising through the ranks of nobility beneath the Gallicens as champions of the people—-but after the Gallicens were wiped out, were elected to power by the Kotinia Godolsdottir, acting as Steward of Camreth at the time while she assisted in the First Reconstruction. King Thogerik shor Gellin Vaeneroth I was the first King of the Reconstruction era, and there have only been 5 rulers in the last 4000 years who were not of the family Vaeneroth.

The Molten Throne was established in Felcliffe Keep, the large dunkelstien castle in the center-North side of Camreth, where the royal seat was kept until around 2500 AFC (After First Corruption). After the Dwarven Displacement of Bierkestholl, the Last Mine of the Thordbeg Dwarves, Queen Issalia Vaeneroth granted them fortified lands in a mining vein outside Lazareni Pass, 25 Miles from Camreth's walls following a savage attack on Camreth from an undocumented flying creature that destroyed a good piece of the original Camreth garrisons. The Dwarves, in return for her generosity, offered her the gift of a new citadel and tower with the assistance of the Ambossinian Priests. She accepted, and the Kliffgehauen Throne of Engelturm Tower has been the ruling seat of the Vaeneroths ever since, despite other members of the Vaeneroth family declining to live there in favor of other lodgings. By birthright, it belongs to King Armbrust Kanigsfjall of Nordessen, due to his matrilineal relation to the Vaeneroths. He now resides there, as Nordessen fell to the Red Winter.

Camreth has steadily become the final bastion in the Wars of the Red Winter, as the most easily defended fallback position. Massive room has been made for refugees, and people of all sorts have been welcomed into the town, so long as they do not possess incurable signs of corruption. Half the noble families of Camreth have been open to its new role as a Military establishment in its Siege against the Red Winter, but the other half have openly protested and frequently cause trouble for the city's rulers by abusing their power to achieve their own ends. Under the stagnant rule of King Aligen I, the nobles even started infighting amongst themselves in the streets, leading to a military intervention on behalf of the King. Aligen's betrayal interrupted the tumult within the city walls with a different, more horrifying tumult altogether. Luckily, the Queenswar, Daughters of Regolithim (with the help of King Armbrust Kanigsfjall), managed to reverse the effects of mass corruption from the void within 17 hours of its arrival, killing King Aligen I the Betrayer in the process, leaving the city in an uncertain and wounded state.

Thankfully, the Princess Melisenya Vaeneroth survived the vicious betrayal of her father against her brothers. It is unknown who will become the Regent or Steward until she comes of age, despite King Armbrust Kanigsfjall being the most sensible choice as the closest relation and experienced noble known to be living.

Other Powerful Families and Factions of Camreth:

House Bosch

House Salzbähr

House Falt-Eichel

House Vegelstaad

House Falkfeld

House Salzstier

House Rosenrot

House Waidmann

House Haistahl

The Elves of Helsa

Clan Biermann of the Velkebaden Mountains

The Thordbeg Nobles of the Bierkestholl Mines

The Guild of Orphaned Nobles 

The Commerce Guild

The Noble Crafter's Guild

The Black Garter

The Order of Ambossinia

The Archdiocese of Sacred Ash

The Order of the White Altar

The Engelturm Guard

The Anointed Seers of Weißmeer

The Council of the Course

The Tallow Eparchy

The First Hunt


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