It is said the city Barlakul was first founded by mortals from Taerra, but the specifics have long been lost to history. The City floats on an "earthberg," of The Athelstine Earthbergs, narrowly connected to a massive river of stone by a stretch of rock and is ruled by the commander of the Aegis. Barlakul has become home to a wide variety of races such as: Humans, Dwarves, Elves and even Orcs. It features a blend of many different cultures and architecture. The most dominant feature however is the Dwarven/Human wall that has made Barlakul a sanctuary for so many.

Barlakul has a long history of bloodshed with neighboring Fire Giant groups, who see their presence here as an affront to this divine realm. The conflict has been in a constant state of escalation since it began centuries ago. As the city grows, more giants join the attack, as the attacks grow the city must recruit more defenders.

Eventually Barlakul was able to assemble airships to explore out of reach of the giants. Through this they were able to gather resources and sacred artifacts to aid them in their war with the Giants. Among these artifacts was a powerful frost giant one know as the "Doorway to Nyfholl".

A recent Fire Giant attack led by the giant, Kruldhor, proved to much for the cities defenders. As the defenders fought a losing battle at the bridge to the "earthberg", the few powerful mages in the city began a ritual only to be used as a last resort. Using the Doorway to Nyfholl they cast a spell that froze the entire city in a block of enchanted ice. Protecting it's people at least for the time being.

After losing the battle the surviving defenders were rounded up and banished from the plane.


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