10th Day, Month of Gray
Log for the Night of the Gentle Noose

The Gentle Noose. The party enters as the city slowly wakes up. They find that there are already people in there, drinking and laughing while the rest of the city recuperates. Everyone there bows their head to Armbrust as he passes and many seem to eye the party. Everyone there is female save one man in the corner with a hunter’s wide brim hat, napping. (Ephalius Tallingbrooke) Armbrust requests Sinny give them the usual back room where the gambling takes place. Armbrust will offer to play some cards (Blaggard or Calum) with Nazar while they wait. People will most likely have a little chat and Sinny will ask some questions to the group. She will tell various girls [Tela the Orc, Myla (the archer and knife thrower) and Shyla (the torturer) the rogueish elves, Raq the goliath, Demera the Dwarven Priestess of Alda, and Damris shor Haebn the Salfidian Contortionist] to keep them company if asked. The bartender is a happy looking man with a warm laced and knitted cap on, as well as a fur coat, a green doublet, and small glasses at the end of his nose—his name is Gallikin Nordhagen. His husband is Jod ab Hoderbierke, the quiet bouncer next to the door wearing an executioner’s hood fitted with lace, and a hempen noose around his neck for decoration. Despite his fearsome appearance, he speaks brightly and happily with a scandinavian accent. Armbrust is nervous but will state that this is currently the safest place in town. After a little bit, members of The Engelturm Guard barge in with swords and halberds drawn, but a female mage in a rather sheer nightgown, with a five-finger ring braceling in the stairwell will stop them in their tracks by trapping them in an orb made from razorchains and allow Armbrust to come and have a chat with them. They make a shieldwall on the inside of the orb while Armbrust comes out to speak to the main fella, Knight-Captain Hferin cor Dorrid. As the argument and reading of charges are laid out, (regicide, the murder of the princes and princess) Hferin declares himself Lord Commander and claims the Lord Commander fell in to the Red Void. Armbrust admits to his charges but says he will not recognize the authority of the Knight Captain and says he will stand before the Stonebred Council to testify the events of the last 15 hours. Hferin declines and spits, stating that he will take Armbrust to the block for execution immediately for acting against the King’s wishes (treasons) Regicide, and the Capture of the Princess Melisenya.

Lord Commander Telthin Siegeson actually steps out from behind the stairs in full armor, pecking the mage woman on the hand as if he’d just gotten done having a good time. Hferin turns white as a ghost. And the men in Hferin’s shield wall stand a little more lax, looking towards him. “Fell to the Red Winter, did I? Didn’t realize you were omniscient,” he’ll say as he goes down the stairs. “Moira, make the Knight-Captain a little more comfortable.” She will begin to crush Hferin in his own armor while Telthin will give a short bow to Armbrust and Silsienna, and stand behind the bar, pouring himself a stein of thick, dark mead. Hferin will try to remove his own helmet but it clamps down on his skullcap, not jaw. He will cry out, but try to struggle through the pain. “M’Lord, I’ve not done wrong,” he’ll cry. Telthin: “He’s not quite comfortable enough, Moira. Make sure everything fits just right.” Moira will follow suit, and the screams turn to muffled ones as Telthin walks up, sipping the mead. “Release his jaw.” Hferin will gasp for air, now on his knees. “What were the late King Aligen’s Orders which King Armbrust acted against? I received nothing. No orders. Nor word.” Hferin will continue gasping in pain. “It almost seems as if I was deliberately left out. sips That’s a shame, Knight-Captain. However unsurprising. Your ambition was the only thing holding you back, ironically, from a promotion.” He will turn and introduce himself to the group and ask Armbrust what happened while the corruption was rampant. Armbrust and presumably the party will let him know. Telthin will look concerned and turn back to Hferin. “The fall of Camreth would have required more help than the King could have secured quietly, save the assistance I’m sure you gladly offered, Hferin cor Dorrid. Access to the sewers belongs to the worker’s guilds in the service of the Order of Ambossinia. There was no alarm sounded from the cannoneers atop the Westwall, or any wall. No horn. Just an explosion, and a crackling voidic tear, three miles long and a half mile wide in the middle of my beloved city.” He will pause and signal for Moira to trap the other guards and remove Hferin’s struggling, trapped body out of the magical cage. Telthin will continue: “You heard the King of Nordessen. Aligen only knew of his own bargain, with whatever envoy of the Red Winter that came calling—yet somehow it seems to me another was struck. Several. One in Engelturm Tower, and others unknown. An entire city, save one party, went unaware of a coup, and yet all parties went unaware of an invasion. Will you sing me a song of coincidence, or will you reveal to me an orchestra? By who’s orders have you come here, seeking to execute witnesses?” The party notices now that underneath his tall hat, the man in the corner is very slyly peeking his eyes over to the events unfolding, no longer napping. Hferin stares at Telthin but says nothing. “You’re outnumbered, old man,” Hferin seethes. Telthin raises an eyebrow and looks around the brothel. “Again, Hferin, your omniscience astounds me, for I see no one here in your court that isn’t bound in their own armor.” Telthin raises his stein and pours mead down into Hferin’s nose and mouth. Hferin tries to sputter it out but chokes and gags on it, unable to breathe. “Which House approached you?” Hferin will say ‘No!’ Telthin grabs a nearby cloth napkin, puts it over Hferin’s face, grabs a barrel of brown and begins to pour it into his mouth, occasionally stopping to make sure Hferin is alive. After a minute or so of this, Telthin stops, lets Hferin breathe, and stands in front of him. “Which House?” Hferin finally reveals “We were approached—by a proxy. A mage, in fine clothes, never revealed their face, they wore a mask made of wood and iron. They gave us gold coins and said they were working on behalf of ‘the City.’ He said that a group of nobles were voicing their dissent from the King, and meant to end his growing madness by any means necessary. We had no clue of the King’s bargain. All we knew was they’d…they’d meant to remove specific members of Camreth’s ruling class.”

Telthin will remove the cloth from Hferin’s face. “They’d planned to kill me during their coup, as well as pin the Death of King Aligen and his children on King Armbrust of Nordessen. In the wake of whatever was to transpire, you were to storm the Brothel, detain Armbrust, and execute him immediately for the crime of Regicide and the murder of his heirs. Simulating a hostile takeover by an famously unpredictable regent. No offense, M’lord.”

Armbrust: “is cleaning beer out of his mustache with his hands None taken, Lord Commander. And for the record, I only did 1 of those things. sips more beer

Telthin: “You see, I received a letter from a frightened merchant who overheard a conversation they oughn’t near Powder street between a well-spoken man in a black cloak and fine armored boots, and a Gerric lowman in dingy furs who could hardly speak common. It seems coin was changing hands, and instructions for something regarding the sewers were given. By the time I could approach the merchant that morning, we found him dead in his shop with a hastily written notice of closure on the front door, bearing for some reason, my own wax seal of office. Now, I can only think since I somehow fell in battle, the wax seal must belong to you, given to you by the mage as a promise of reward. Predicting the worst, looking over the Dwarf’s corpse, I ordered a Tar-Carriage and a detachment of Engelturm Guards to come here. Powder Street, near the Falloff to the sewers, and a signalling guard just outside the window of this brothel.” Outside, clopping of horse hooves can be heard. “7 Minutes. Just on time.” The door opens and Engelturm soldiers in dark black armor with carved stone escutcheons on their helmets walk in and look over the scene, bowing to both King Armbrust and Lord Commander Siegeson. Telthin signals to Moira, who releases the guards, who drop their weapons. Telthin approaches Hferin.

Telthin: “You’re in a lake of shit, Hferin cor Dorrid. I will see that you drown in it.” The guards will take them away and immerse them in the back of a black carriage with an iron bed of what appears to be tar in the rear, and latched in like a sealed chest with keys. Telthin will say it is nice to meet everyone, take one more drink of beer for the road, throw Moira a purse containing something shiny with the shadows of a smile and a nod (which she returns) and a coin purse to Silsienna “for the room and board.” He will tell Armbrust that he will send for him and the party when the City is awake. "There are matters of Regency and Succession to discuss." He will then depart.

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