Garda Fruiazan


Age: 25
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 175lbs
Eye Color: Silver
Skin: Ash Gray
Hair Color: Silver
Alignment: Lawful Good
Additional Notes:

Personality Type:
She bluntly says what other people are hinting or hiding, and judges people by their actions, not their words. She places no stock in wealthy or well mannered folk—-money and manners won’t save you from a Hungry Dragon.

Bonds, Allies, and Organizations:
Garda believes whose who fight beside her are worth dying for. She wants to train and become stronger to protect her people and the people of Tarrea. She also loves sharing her homemade fruit cups.

Responsibility. She does what she must and obeys just authority. The greater good means everything. She believes “Our lot is to lay down our lives in the defense of others, our nation, and the realm.” Her city, nation, or people are all that matter.

She has trouble keeping her true feelings hidden. Her sharp tongue lands her in trouble
Furthermore, she doesn’t like abominations, or when people touch her fruit cups uninvited.

Weapon of Choice: Kela, the Great Bladed Lance
Kela is a great lance made from a series of interlocking angled plates, similar to the armor Garda wears. When inactive, it’s held by a rune that secures it to the belt of her armor, and resembles a mid-sized mace. When active, the locking plates move and extend, forming an angled, single bladed lance and distributes the weight to the handle to ensure prime mass for jump strikes.
Lance Form: 1d10+2 piercing or 1d8+1 slashing damage.
1 Platinum. 20 Pounds, rear-balanced. Piercing strike patterns. Range 10 ft.
Special Qualities:
Disarmored (Passive) – Naturally ignores 2 armor on piercing strikes. Add an additional + 2 to your hit roll.
Angry Thrust (Active) – Garda takes Kela into an offensive stance, rears the lance back, and jets forward using her magical mass manipulator in her armor to pierce through an enemy up to 20 feet away, without jumping. Enemy takes 2d10+2 piercing damage and has a 1d4 chance to be stunned for one turn. Can be used twice a day.
Sweep (Active) – Garda sweeps the bladed end of the axe in a circle, hitting all enemies within 15 feet of her for 2d8+1 slashing damage. Can be used once per combat.

Mace Form: 1d8+1 bludgeoning damage.
20 Pounds, rear-balanced. Piercing strike patterns. Range 5 ft.
Special Qualities:
Club (Out of Combat Ability) – Garda can use the mace to knock someone the fuck out. Add +2 to the DM’s defined check to knock out the target.
Fuck Off (Active) – Garda aims the tip of the mace at a nearby enemy within 5ft. and taps the rune that extends the end of the lance, dealing 1d8 piercing damage to the enemy and knocking them 15 feet away in a direction of your choice. Unlimited use.


Born to a life of a soldier, Garda has known nothing but war, blood, the sounds of clashing steel, and dead abominations. She has never once seen peace or known what peace is. Sacrifice and Duty is all she has ever had to keep her going in life. At a young age she was recognized for her exceptional skill with the spear which she received training for from her mother, a Doccione Dragoon. Her mother, a single parent, sought nothing but her daughter’s survival, training her day and night with only a few minutes of rest in between for a fruit cup or two, which her family was known for during times of siege.

Now all grown up and now a full fledged Doccione Dragoon like her mother before her. Garda was Tasked with an important mission to attack outside the island and take the fight to her enemies with her spear in one hand and a fruit cup in the other. The Ferrite Fortress and its Doccione traveled Tarrea as they always had, stopping back to the southern islands only once a year. The semi-nomadic lifestyle made Garda unusually exploratory—-always taking her armor and flying away from the Fortress to see the many lands beneath. She’s made a habit of collecting strange fruits from all over Tarrea and jarring them to consume later.

Traveling on the floating Ferrite Fortress, Garda managed to subvert an attack from a massive one eyed-serpent almost single-handedly as she was cut off from all supplies and resources being forced to fight within the caverns of an abandoned dwarven mine. Barely escaping with her life in the heat of victory, she delivered the head of the serpent before the Council and received military honors.

Garda Fruiazan

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