Tarrea, Realm of the Rivergifts

Tarrea (tae-ree-uh)

Tarrea is a material realm, possessing only rifts of abnormal plane tearing—-but that is another tale. It is abnormally large for a material plane, and one of few planes that possesses a mirror plane for itself, albeit unreachable by known means.

There are a wide variety of cities and citadels, governments and governings, people and persons—all of which hustle and bustle the way one would think they might, during the everyday cycles. The squabbles for power among mortals are the same, as are the plights of the common man versus the noble. Every race and culture has a place here.

It is, for all intents and purposes, a core root in the planar multiverse. Myth would have you believe it was a pebble made smooth and lively from the throes of a celestial river. Priests and disciples would grant you theistic insight, where scholars and magisters would grant you a logical approach. However, do not let any story sway you. In Tarrea, every story bears a mark of truth.

Tarrea, Realm of the Rivergifts

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