Terokai Mitsu


Age: 32
Height: 4’10"
Weight: 114lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Skin: Dark, Feathery
Hair Color: Dark Feathers
Alignment: True Neutral
Additional Notes:
Tarokai wears the dark garb of a plague doctor, dark leather armor, feathered scale mail, and a mask which has a tendency to unsettle others. In certain lighting, this outfit can allow Tarokai to pass as humanoid (or, well—-not a bird).

Personality Type:
She presents everything she says as a guess or estimate so that she don’t look bad if it turns out to be wrong.

Bonds, Allies, and Organizations:
She seeks a cure to a mysterious disease that afflicts one of her loved ones. She is also a member of the Order of the Mended Wing, specialized healers of the Kenku race.

By deciding who lives and who dies, she can shape the world to her liking.

I use unproven treatments on my patients without their knowledge.
Also: bird. There’s that bird smell.

Weapon of Choice: Tsubasa o Kawasu
She has a unique Dadao named Tsubasa given to her by the Maesters of her Order as both a surgical tool, bonesaw, and weapon of defense. It is finely crafted, but has no magical qualities that she knows of.
Tsubasa: 1d8+2 slashing damage.
700 Gold. 8 Pounds, well-balanced. Medium strike patterns. Range 5 ft.
Special Qualities:
Serration (Passive) – On enemies with flesh or bone equivalent or below the weight of the strike, Terokai has a 1 in 6 chance of reaching flesh when striking her target, giving an additional 1d6 visceral damage, which also reduces the target’s accuracy by 2 for the duration of combat.
Radiant Strikes (Active) – With enemies in close proximity, Tarokai raises Tsubasa into the air and calls upon her goddess Rakelha to bless her strikes as she turns her weapon against up to 4 enemies within 15 feet of her, dealing 1d8 damage +10 Radiant Damage to each target. Can be used twice a day, once per combat.

In addition, she has a small segmented leather-bound roundel shield that extends from one arm of her garb when she stretches her wrist downward—-there appear to be brands which resemble wings on the segmented protrusions.
1 Platinum. Armor Class + 2 (When in use). 12 pounds.
Shield Bash (Active) – Tarokai extends her shield and slams one of its wing-like edges into an enemy within 5 feet of you, inflicting 2d6+1 bludgeoning damage. The enemy is also pushed back 5 feet in a direction of your choice (unless it is a stationary enemy). Unlimited use.


Tarokai was born in the ancestral homeland of the Kenku of Tarrea, Nevankt. As a child she was made an initiate of the Order of the Mended Wing, the ruling religious body of Kenku civilization. Growing up in the Kenku’s capital “city” of Neverreap, she learned the alchemical and cleric skills of her people. She also befriended many of her fellow apprentices while studying. She reached adulthood and was easily inducted into the order proper, and then she and her fellow new inductees prepared for a migration across the sea. A part of most Kenku’s lives where they leave home and explore the wide and amazing world before returning to Nevankt to start a flock.

Tarokai’s group made for the city of Odul, where they studied medical practices until the outbreak of a plague. Because of their talent and knowledge of foreign medical and magical techniques, the Kenku were highly sought after in treating the plague. In the beginning they made a lot of money and gained a lot of respect out of doing this, but the plague showed know signs of slowing despite their efforts. Eventually things took a turn for the worst when the plague started to affect the members of Tarokai’s group. Her friends started dying.
Tarokai and her remaining friends turned to more desperate methods in attempts to stop the plague, and while their efforts eventually started to show signs of success, the group became mentally exhausted and each ended up on the edge of a breakdown. The plague receded, but, as the remaining clerics, tired from the ordeal and baring rewards for their actions, prepared to return home, the a new strain of plague struck with a vengeance. This new strain was less contagious, but would cause slow, painful deaths. It was at this point that Tarokai’s closest friend, Viryx, contracted the plague.

With no cure for this strand on the horizon and Odul once again falling into fear and disease, Tarokai prayed to her gods to keep Viryx alive long enough for her to find a way to save her. Then she set out, exhausted by the burden of years of service, only one goal in mind and confident that nothing will stand in her way for long.

Terokai Mitsu

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