Sorrel Fallunkal


Age: 28
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 170lb
Eye Color: Green – flecked with brown
Skin: Tanned
Hair Color: Silver
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Other notes: Long ‘rabbit-like’ ears make up the majority of her height. Legs are bent in a similar ‘rabbit-like’ fashion and hands are more of paws with four fingers.

Personality Type:
An observer; Sorrel tends to stay quiet and observe her surroundings before any interaction. When she does interact or acknowledge something early on, it means one should pay attention – it could be potentially dangerous. While she does not speak much with her voice, her body and hands. Her speaking is fairly gruff, borderline non-existent but she can indeed read, write and understand. The only time her collected and cool demeanor seems to fade is when there are mentions of dragons.

“Live and Let Live. Meddling in the affairs of others only causes trouble.” While Sorrel is on her own journey, she rarely interacts with others. Most likely cause is her self-induced isolation when she tribe of other beastmen was wiped out.
Social Graces: She knows when to stay silent, but she has little social graces and understanding of social cues. You can say her thoughts of such things are “punch first, ask questions later” – even if punching wasn’t an option.

“I like keeping secrets and won’t share them with anyone.” – Sorrel has her reasons for traveling to Ishtalla and doesn’t want to bring people down with her on her search for the dragon that killed her tribe. She is much too proud to ask assistance; even when she needs it most.
Weapon of Choice: Daratajhiallome
Sorrel calls it ‘Allome.’
Unique Windlance Bow, a recurve of 3 twisted grey ash branches (for a total of six arms and 3 strings) with silver notches, a silver arrow shelf, and a blackened silver notchpoint which ties all three strings in such a way that they all work together to fire arrows at massive speeds, with extra kinetic power.
1d10 (+2 magic damage) Piercing damage. 780 Gold. 12 pounds, well-balanced. Range: 207/807, two-handed.
Special Qualities:
Archer’s Annoyance – Wielder can punch or strike an enemy within seven feet (even if it involves using the bow as a bludgeoning device) for 1d8 bludgeoning damage. Normal rules for martial or unarmed combat apply. If you score a critical on the attack roll (20) the wrath of Phithima courses through the bow, causing a glowing silver spearhead to erupt from the top end of the bow, changing the 1d8 bludgeoning roll into a 3d6 piercing damage roll. Can be used two times a day.
Vengeance of the Katiyanetta – Wielder can draw the bowstrings back to their full length for a devastating strike. The grief and resolve of Phithima courses through the arrow of the wielder’s choice as it flies to its target, causing the target to receive 1d12 piercing damage and 1d8 force damage. If the target is a dragon, it receives an additional 1d6 radiant damage. If the target is flying, it is forced to land. If it is above an obstacle or above a height of 400 feet, it will receive fall damage, determined by situation with a minimum of 1d6 dmg, pending a saving throw. Can only be used once a day unless Phithima awards the user an additional charge.


Born in the wilds, Sorrel is the true epitome of beastman – slow to speak and quick to fight she seems more animal than human save for her graces in battle. However, Sorrel was not always the closed off being she appears as now. In fact, as a girl she was quite rambunctious and loved hunting and gathering and helping her tribe with whatever they needed. Living among the forests, she was secluded from most human and other racial interactions and only knows the way of her tribe and trade. When she was to graduate from student to woman of the hunt a great beast of a dragon emerged from the nearby mountains and burned her forests to the ground. Sorrel, being away from her village at the time, came back only when she heard the great beasts roar but was too late; her tribe had been wiped out. For months she spent looking for her family and any other surviving members of her race only to come up fruitless. Sorrel then spent most of her life in quiet isolation, roaming from forest to forest helping those who needed safe passage. Besides these rare interactions, Sorrel never met with anyone. It was until a group of travelers began speaking of new cities beyond the forest in the Realm of the Obaran Seas that Sorrel finally decided to leave the safety of her forests and travel to other places to see if perhaps her family, or even the dragon who mysterious disappeared after, were there in another Realm.

Sorrel Fallunkal

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