Sinala Llywelyn Amygeriath


Age: 28
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 130lbs
Eye Color: Green
Skin: Pale, with small horns
Hair Color: Fire Red
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Additional Notes:
Sinala is an entirely unique combination: half Weildfae, half Draconidian Moon Elf—-this means that she is not only able to change her appearance at will using tricks of the light, she is also capable manipulating her physical form. She changes it quite a lot, to suit mood or situation, though usually recognizable from her facial tattoos and Mondarian circlet.

Personality Type:
While Sinala can be quite overbearing to some, she is actually quite a sweet girl. She would rather be friends with just about anything rather than fight or become an enemy. That doesn’t mean she won’t resort to beating the everloving shit out of anything that crosses her path. If someone or something truly is evil or just outright pisses her off she isn’t afraid to dish out the swift hand of justice in whatever way she sees fit. …most of it just involves giant lasers made of rainbows that obliterate her opponents.

Bonds, Allies, and Organizations:
Quick to befriend and even quicker to interest, Sinala will attach herself to the hip of whomever she wants. She just adores everyone, even if people find her the bane of their existence. She’ll find SOME way to befriend them.

Sinala believe in fairness above all. Though she is all about having fun, if she feels something is unjust she’ll do whatever she can to see to it that justice is brought down swiftly (and most likely with her Hammerstaff). While growing up she was forced to behave in a certain manner and therefore doesn’t like being bound by rules. It’s not a “spoiled princess” sort of thing — it’s more like, “Why can’t people believe and behave as they see fit?” Freedom is all Sinala wants in the world. That and a good adventure…and perhaps to be rid of her bad luck.

Sinala can’t slow down. In fact, she’s pretty much like Sonic the Hedgehog in that she is always itching to be on the move in search of her next adventure. This can be seen as overbearing to others, just as when she gets impatient she will try to warp herself away in order to simply continue on her own. She plays ditsy a lot — tending to want to just be seen as the cute or fun-loving princess rather than as a warrior or someone with responsibilities.

Weapon of Choice: Orenmir, Hammer of Echoes
Sinala possesses Orenmir, a somewhat stolen Hammerstaff that is able to manipulate force energy, catalyzing strong nuclear impacts into devastating strikes by utilizing the explicit mass of an implicit object. The Hammerstaff acts as an object of unbelievably heavy mass held by one bonded user. The manipulation of that mass occurs when Sinala defines its movement, forcing a small impact and using the hammer’s runes as an accelerator.
1d10 + 4 bludgeoning damage. 2 Platinum. 1007 pounds, top-heavy (7 pounds when wielded). One-handed or two handed, single strike. Range: 5 ft.
Special Qualities:
Boom (Passive Effect) – When the head of the hammer makes contact with another surface, it activates the runes along the pyramidian ridging, triggering the mass manipulation runes and creating an outburst of force straight from the hammer after its initial strike. Enemy takes an additional 1d6 force damage and is knocked 10 feet in an active direction. Situationally, this could change depending on the enemy and where/how it’s been hit.
Bada Boom (Active) – By magically shifting her weight, Sinala wields the hammer like a bat and sends an enemy sailing extremely far, or extremely hard, manipulating their mass with force energy until they reach a solid object, or leave the battlefield entirely. Enemy takes situational damage, DM decided. Counts as a cantrip, Wild Magic tables apply. Can be used once per combat.
Big Bada Boom (Active, AoE) – Sinala raises Orenmir and strikes the ground, sending all enemies in a 30 foot cone in front of her sailing 20 feet away, taking 1d12 force damage. Enemies must fail an AC save of 15 to trigger a knockdown effect. Counts as a cantrip, Wild Magic tables apply. Can be used once per day. Does not effect allies.

Gift of Lakes and Moons:
Her arcane focus exists within her very body, able to cast spells naturally with the aurhodian blood running through her veins from the core of her being. This can occasionally be seen as glowing horns or glowing tattoos.


In the beginning, there were moons. Not just one moon, but hundreds of thousands of moons and each of them have stories and people and its Guardian, Eradian. As keeper of the moons, Eradian not only knows their stories but their secrets kept within the Cathedral of Eqarant. Long before the Cathedral was filled with Mondarian priests and priestesses there was only him—-alone…holding onto the most dangerous secret of them all.

A holy union, joining the moon upon the lakes shall rattle the worlds with misfortune and strife. Beware the echoes – do not let them leave the light of the moon.

For thousands of years, Eradian held the secret, spoken to him from the moon Aladrass itself despite knowing its meaning from the moment it was spoke onto him. Yet temptation is strong, even for lords as powerful as he and the Lady of the Lakes soon yet become the Lady of the Moons…

Sinala doesn’t believe in curses. In fact, she hardly believes in anything at all. Born from her mother Aeth and father Eradian, she received teachings from both realms in which she resides. While not brought up in a strict household, Sinala always seemed to find herself in trouble despite her best efforts to remain on her best behavior. Oh, there are the incidents of favorite tea cups being broken and some of the walls in Cathedral of Eqarant are still in repair from spells gone awry. Oh and there was that incident where a certain head priestess was turned into a unicorn for a handful of years but Sinala never tried to cause trouble; it just seemed to follow her. Besides her string of bad luck, the Lunar princess grew up about as normal as any other princess. Between her two parents and their array of courtiers she learned to read, write, fight and cast spells of just about any school. She learned the basics of the different portals her father protects and where they go and the worlds they connect to and her mother taught her how to bend nature to her will – even to the point of bending her appearance. These two abilities combined caused Sinala to not only have much more fun growing up, but caused a lot of headaches for her strict Mondarian caretakers. And she does love to bother them.
On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, her father, Eradian took her to one of the many realms he protected. A stern man who watched his daughter carefully, Eradian limited Sinala’s abilities with almost an iron fist. She was never upset about it. She only knew she could never shift herself between planes only between space within her current one. It was one of the rules her father instilled in her…one of many rules he had in place to protect her.
The place he took her was abandoned and broken, a temple in the midst a forest comprised of white stones and weeping willows the height of titans. In the middle of the broken temple laid a hammer embedded in the white stone with a ribbon tied to the end. “If you can pull this out, Sinala, you may keep it…it was only a matter of time before you found it yourself anyway.”
Sinala grinned and lifted the hammer without breaking a sweat. Only to have the ground collapse beneath her, plummeting her into darkness. It was the first time Sinala felt as if she were in danger and even with her father at her side, the little princess was bedridden for months from the blow to the head she suffered.
In her time stuck in bed, she heard things – echoes. She never heard them before but they whispered many things to her. She heard of distant lands – destroyed and wrought with blight and grief; the worlds her father had closed the portals too. The worlds beyond saving. They were still there, and she could hear them crying out to her. “I want to help them,” Sinala had so bravely explained to her father once she was out of bed. She had begun to carry her new weapon with her wherever she went, slung over her shoulder and carried so casually no one realized its weight was nearly a ton. Eradian and Aeth looked between one another and told her she could not. She must remain at the Temple.
Call it her first rebellion, but Sinala refused and of course went to one of the stricken worlds on her own. Her first adventure and she was dropped into a battle between undead and human – a last stand on a bridge where a tried and grizzled general fought valiantly with his people. And when the battle was over, Sinala could only greet the soldiers for a moment before being pulled back by her father. Her first taste of a world besides her own .. and gods, she could get used to it.

Sinala Llywelyn Amygeriath

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