Sadira Sheiftani


Age: 26
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 155lbs
Eye Color: Green
Skin: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Additional Notes:
She has tattoos that cover the entirety of both her arms and hands. They are known as Ketan Tantra and are a mark of the order. The grander they are, the higher rank the person has attained. Additions are made as feats have been accomplished. She has long black hair that is braided to the side and shaved on the opposite side. Her eyes are green and her skin is brown. She is quite tall, muscled and imposing.

Personality Type:
She is always calm, no matter the situation. She rarely raises her voice or lets her emotions control her. Her demeanor is stoic, though she often makes dry, sarcastic marks. On long, quiet nights she enjoys playing the duduk.

Bonds, Allies, and Organizations:
She is a member of the Ketan Order of Monks, out of the desert city of Takuran in the plane of Tarrea. The order is like family to her, which is lead by a council of elders. The Ketan are contracted out for specific tasks and take care of their own, but ultimately serve the Nine Queens of Takuran. The Ketan Monastary is Sadira’s home, located beneath the shadow of Nykomena mountain. She holds the rank of Namunqal. Sadira is loyal to the Order and her brothers/sisters above all else. They share a strong, almost familial bond. The code followed by the Ketan demands cooperation for the good of all. Betrayal, murder and deceit are often punished severely and permanently.

Sadira is a good friend to those who have earned her trust, though anyone outside the Ketan is treated with suspicion and caution until proven reliable. She will put friends, allies and Ketan above everyone else. Her personal philosophy is that a person should do as they must to survive and better themselves. She abhors slavery and believes everyone should be treated with respect regardless of their place in the world.

It is difficult to coerce Sadira into doing anything she does not agree with. She has no trouble committing a crime or murder if it benefits her or her allies in some way. She often ignores people who try to rattle off orders at her, especially if they have no place giving them. Her masters are the Elders of Ketan and the Nine Queens of Takuran. Anyone else is an outsider, who must prove themselves as capable and trustworthy before she considers following them for any reason.

Weapon of Choice:
Her fists.
She has a Jian shortsword gifted to her by the Nine Queens of Takuran. It is finely crafted, but has no magical qualities that she knows of. It bears the name Kianbei (key-an-buy), which means ‘hush’ or ‘quiet’. She’s not entirely sure what the sword is capable of.


Sadira was born in the great city of Takuran. She was left as a small babe on the steps of the Ketan Monastary, seemingly unwanted by her parents. Her memories are of nothing but it’s shadowy halls, where many initiates trained in the secret arts of their order. Until she was old enough to begin the trials herself, she was raised by a kindly old Makal named Basma. This woman taught her everything she needed to know about the city and it’s people. Sadira was schooled in history, writing and the skills needed to communicate with important contacts around the world of Tarrea. Every lesson instilled in her the ability to survive, deceive and subvert. During her physical training as an initiate, Sadira was also sent out into the city on small missions for the Order. These often involved thievery and deception, where she put into practice her skills to move unseen.

Shortly after attaining the rank of Monk, Sadira and a small group of her peers were sent on a simple mission near the Palace of Makari. They were approached by a man who seemed to be a simple vagrant and begger. Before any of them could react, he cast a magical spell to enslave their minds. Sadira alone was unaffected, but deceived the mysterious warlock into believing she was under his control. It was revealed that he planned to storm the palace with his small army of mind-controlled Ketan and Du Bakhra soldiers in an attempt to slay the Nine Queens. Knowing this, Sadira waited until the perfect opportunity to strike. They reached the bottom of the palace steps, where she quickly knocked several of her Ketan brothers unconscious. Fighting off the blows of many attackers, she managed to slay the warlock. The rest of the dominated soldiers and monks fell unharmed to the ground, leaving the young woman alone on the palace steps.

Her Majesty, Dajharima, came forth from the palace shadows, eyes glowing green, prepared to fight, lifting the corpse of the warlock from the ground in seething hate and curiosity. Her sisters in blood gathering behind, silently looking at the body. Before she turned her eyes to Sadira. Dahjarima looked from her to the warlock, and to the many bodies of men lying unconscious behind her.
“You are a daughter of Ketan,” she purred with a voice not altogether human, “My diligent child. A newborn serpent who managed to defend her mother’s breast, without neither claw nor tail.”
Sadira said nothing. What could one say to a Queen of Nine?
“Come, child. We must find you fangs to strike with,” she said, leading Sadira in.
It was a strange and great honor, walking into the throne room among the Spearsnakes—-armored hooded women carrying hooked spears that acted as Palace Guardians.
One of the Spearsnakes walked across the floor as the Queens sat down, giving her a pillow with a sheathed sword. Another stepped in, holding a goblet.
“Drink, child. You need your strength,” a shorter queen at the far left purred.
Sadira watched as the Spearsnake with the goblet filled it with a silver ladle from the vat of blue wine behind her. She’d never seen it in person.
She took the goblet as the Spearsnake handed it to her, and drank deeply. It tastes of cave fruits, and something she couldn’t make out. It made her feel strange.
In the room of the 9, all the queens sat silently, until another spoke, her voice echoing through the vat of blue wine behind Sadira.
“What will you name it, my little snake?”
And before Sadira can say the word aloud, another Queen said, “Kianbei. She will name it Kianbei.”
All the Queens seem to know that’s what you were thinking, and they all titter very lowly and quietly
“Careful, child. You do not know the gift you hold. But you will know, my snakeling.”
Another queen chimed in, “Yes, child. You will go.”
Another cooed, “Yes. You will know.”
Sadira knows it’s time to bow and walk out without another word. She knew they could hear her head anyway.

Little is known about what happened after. It is said the Nine Queens themselves spoke to Sadira’s elders the evening that followed. She had fitful sleep, but awoke feeling rather different than the day before. She named the sword Kianbei (key-an-buy) as they asked, which means ‘hush’ or ‘quiet’ in her native tongue. Afterwards, she was raised to the rank of Namunqal in her order. She is often sought after for difficult contracts and her services go at a high price.

Sadira Sheiftani

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