Ramiel Orstun


Age: 23
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 145Ibs
Eye Color: Aqua
Skin: Light Tan
Hair Color: Brunette
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Possesses a special halberd engraved with runes of family tree.

Personality Type:
She enjoys being strong and breaking things. Very arrogant.

When people follow orders blindly, they embrace tyranny.

Social Graces/Bonds:
Her family is extremely important to her and she is eager to return to them in Gladsheim. She’s very arrogant and takes praise very well. She usually encourages others to do stuff as long as she isn’t screwed over in the process. She hates when other people don’t listen to her ideas. She’s basically a huge narcissist because she comes from a higher plane of existence.

She always takes the more dangerous path.

Weapon of Choice: Harvnir

One of the four fabled weapons of Barlakul, Harvnir has been passed down through several families and is currently possessed by the Orstun bloodline. The rod of the halberd is made from wood that has been magically hardened and burnt black by fire giant sorcery aimed at a tree near Barlakul. Like the other fabled weapons, runes of power have been carved into to the rod. In concert with the fire giant magic, the runes are able to create a wave of thunder that knocks opponents back when struck into the ground every once in awhile. The runes also cause the halberd to be more controllable in combat. When swung rapidly a faint blue glow can be seen on the steel of the weapon.
1d10 dmg. 27 pounds. Heavy, Reach, 2 Handed. 1700 Gold.
Runes grant +2 Attack and +1d2 dmg.
Special Abilities: Rodstrike – As you strike the bottom end of Harvnir’s rod into the ground, all entities within a 20 foot radius of the wielder receives 1d8 force damage apiece and are pushed back 23 feet on a failed saving throw. If the entity makes the save, they receive 1d4 force damage, but stay put. Can be done twice per day. Can affect allies.
Pulling Trip – Roll a D20 without stats to trip or upend an enemy by hooking the halberd behind their legs. Must be a ground-bound enemy. Roll must be above a 17 to succeed. Inspiration dies can be used. Cannot be used as a bonus action. Small chance to damage the halberd (damage rolls will be halved until repaired) if ability is used on enemy wearing heavy armor or is a heavy class with a high hardness rating.


Ramiel was born and raised on the high plane of Gladsheim. She grew up in the fortress city of Barlakul where smaller mortal beings that had banded together to protect themselves against the giants that inhabited the nearby regions of the plane, and grew up to be a guard of the city.
She joined the cities guards when she grew to adulthood and rose through the ranks fairly quickly. Until the fire giants attacked and conquered the city, despite a valiant effort by the defenders. Ramiel and many of the other survivors who fought in the battle were exiled and banished, but unlike the others, Ramiel awoke in Ishtalla.
Ramiel now seeks to return home and reclaim as soon as possible.
Ramiel is incredibly arrogant, thanks to both her own skill and her birth on a divine plane. She believes others should do things her way first and tends to rush into battle. Needless to say, she doesn’t get along with others most of the time and often underestimates her opponents.

Ramiel Orstun

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