Femke Meergeboren


Age: 22
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 134lbs
Eye Color: Glowing Orange, Black Sclera
Skin: Light Gray, as if marble
Alignment: Neutral Good
Hair Color: Stark White
Additional Details:
Possesses a jeweled and engraved masking crown with golden antlers. Femke has two pairs of horns, both of them being relatively small for a tiefling. One pair are curled downward and located at the side of her head, while the other pair of horns, which is even smaller than the first, are located closer to the top of her head, and curl upwards and inwards ever so slightly. Her hair is worn in a loose ponytail, with a thin rope keeping her hair from falling loose. She also has a special ring in the shape of interlocking antlers around her right middle finger.

Personality Type:
She tries to be as kind as she can. She does her best and some refer to her as ‘undemonic’.

Be kind and pay it forward; Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Social Graces/Bonds:
Though she does not know her real parents personally, she misses them and her accepted family dearly.

Most say she is naive and somewhat childlike, indecisive and unfamiliar with the cruelty of life.

Weapon of Choice: Woudzeis
A hardwood and stoneglass scythe, possessing unusual qualities and an abnormal sturdiness. It has three different fighting positions: Kurzhaft (where it acts as a short range haft and large blade), Zeis (where it acts as a sycthe) and Spaar (where it acts as a throwable hunting spear). It was given to Femke on an altar near the golden lake when she came of the age to hunt.
1d6 slash damage (if Kurzhaft), 1d10 slash damage (if Zeis) 1d6 piercing damage (if used as a held spear) and 1d8 (if thrown as a spear). Automatic +2 magic damage will be added to each successful hit.
400 Gold. 17 pounds, well-balanced. Versatile, interchangeable strikes.
Special Qualities:
Vine of the Ivy Spring (Passive) – Any strike can be made ranged (70 Feet) with the magical vine of ivy attached to the lower end of the scythe, rendering the scythe retrievable by calling it back to her hands with a single whisper and a tug. Note that if the enemy has a reactive ability, the vine can be grabbed and Femke can be yanked to the target. Enemy has a 1:8 (1d8) chance of being pulled within 15 feet of Femke, unless they are much larger than her. If they are much larger than her, she must roll 1d8 with disadvantage, and if an 8 is acheived even with disadvantage, the target is pulled to its knees.
Final Fire – A piercing white fire surrounds the scythe’s blade, granting an additional 1d12 fire damage to the weapon’s strike and a chance to give the target the Smoldering status effect, that will set them on fire for 1d4 during the next 3 turns of combat, regardless of who’s turn it is. Roll with disadvantage against stone targets. Chance to fuse targets in metal armor where they stand for 3 turns (roll a d8, to fuse armor it must be a 7 or above). Should the target make its saving throw, it will take 1d6 fire damage with no chance for the other effects. Can be used twice a day.
Father’s Fight – The weighted stone bottom end of the scythe’s haft is able to do quite a bit of damage. One of two effects are acheivable if the player rolls 1d2. If the result is a 1, the target takes 3d6 bludgeoning damage as the wielder strikes any target within 7 feet as they swing the bottom half of the scythe into a critical hit. Roll with advantage against humanoids. If the result is a 2, a massive AoE wave of 3d6 nature damage is released from the bottom of the staff affecting all enemies (not allies) within 20 feet. Roll with advantage against undead or corrupt enemies. Can only be used once a day. Should the target make a saving throw against either attack, they will take only 1d6 damage with no status effects.


Born under very special circumstances Femke was taken into a society that accepted her regardless of her differences in race. She was raised on the concept of balance and respect, so she displays that toward every living being indiscriminately. She has lived in the wild for her entire life and is unfamiliar with civilization because of this.
Under the tutelage of the elder druids, she learned many a thing about nature, the balance of life and death and the special properties of the land that they lived on. Her curiosity brought her places which were restricted by said elders, but the meaning behind these restrictions went over her head, as she did not understand why these empty, messy fields covered in bone and tools were restricted in the first place.
With time she learned of her special ancestry, but it changed nothing about her, as she had already figured it to be another part of the balance of her realm. She simply kept on living the peaceful druidic life she had, hunting game in excess, worshiping her dearest mother and father and traversing the land, as the others did.
She learned to fight and hunt and defend herself in many ways, as the Vroedetak always seemed to be preparing for something, yet they never quite divulged much other than “to protect the Eerstewoud.”
She is part of a druidic society of elves, also known as the Vroedetak in Zwarthaut, this society is disconnected from the rest of the world and very sheltered due to the special lake that they have vowed to protect ages ago. Femke was treated as royalty due to her ancestry being Godlike, however these changes meant very little as every living being is equal in the great balance of existence that her parents forged for the grateful, dedicated Vroedetak. The only hierarchy within this society is those of elders, youngsters and priests, in which the elders and priests educate and nurture the youngsters into fully understanding and appreciating nature, its balance and the deities who have made their lives possible.

Femke Meergeboren

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