Ausha Aunaria


Age: 20
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 121Ibs
Eye Color: Gray
Skin: Light Blue-Green
Hair Color: White
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality Type:
Ausha is not unlike a force of nature. Her interests and fancies are capricious at best – something which captures her attention in one minute may be casually disregarded in the next. She has little comprehension of danger, still young and not yet battle weary enough to think that there is nothing that cannot be conquered with her daggers and a little bit of creative thinking. She is by no means gentle, and has almost a scientific interest in tearing things apart to get at their basest level – often without regard for how they might be put back together. This is true for her interpersonal relationships as well.

She is by no means gentle, and has almost a scientific interest in tearing things apart to get at their basest level – often without regard for how they might be put back together.

Social Graces:
Hardly any. She has encountered few men in her life, and generally approaches them with suspicion and alarm. And the pointy ends of her daggers. [Dm’s Note: She’s not a fan of the strange dong magic.]

Ausha is above all else temperamental. She is quick to judge others, and quicker to act with aggression if she decides she doesn’t like them. Even her affection is a wild thing, just as likely to bite the friendly hand as she is the unfriendly one.

Weapon of Choice: Vheta and Rhalai
Vheta is an ornately forged scorpion-tail bichuwa with clawed armor piercing spikes on the hilt, much in the style of a Bagh Naka. Rhalai is a Katar with an ornate handguard.
Bichuwa with armor piercing spikes on the handguard.
1d6 slashing damage, or 1d4 piercing damage (2 elemental damage bonus). 5 pounds. Light, versatile, 1 handed. 700 Gold.
Able to make a slashing attack or a piercing attack, not both.
Katar with solid steel handguard.
1d6 piercing damage, or 1d4 slashing damage (
2 elemental damage bonus). 3 pounds. Light, versatile, 1 handed. 750 gold.
Able to make a piercing attack or a slashing attack, not both.
Special Qualities:
Elemental Supremacy(Passive) – Both weapons are made from a special blued steel and coppery silica from Hawellanni sand. Should they deteriorate or become damaged, letting them rest over smoke for 1 hour will repair them in full, no matter how severe the damage, save for magical means. If the conditions for smoke are not condusive for a thick enough layer, a roll must be made to determine the repair’s effectiveness.
Windbite – With a range of 20 feet and +2 Attack, both daggers can be used at once for 1d10 + 1d4 slashing damage and 5 feet of knockback on a failed saving throw. If the target makes the save, they take 1d6 slashing damage and the target stays put. Can only used by an Air Genasi.The sheer amount of force behind swiping both of the elemental weapons creates a blade of air and silica so sharp, only the toughest of armor can withstand it. If used against an enemy with heavy armor, other enemies within 5 feet of the target take 1d4 damage each from rebounding silica. Can only be used once a day.


Plucked from her mother’s breast as a still squalling babe, Ausha was thrust into the care of her half-sister genasi. It took more than a village to raise a child in the harsh desert plains of Hawelanni where the elements proved as much ally as foe.

Nonetheless, Ausha grew – and became terrible and wild to match. She learned to be quick, with both her mind and her feet, and how to hide when there was nothing but sand as far as the eye could see. She learned, and she prevailed. And while she was by no means a prodigy among her sister-moms, her potential was plain for all to see.

They did not call her a rogue, not in the traditional sense, though they likened her to one of Hawelanni’s most terrible stalking beasts.

Her trial into womanhood was a simple task: a hunt, one so terrible and fierce that she would either succeed or she would die. It was only through clever thinking that she managed to down the horrifying beast, but not before it managed to wound her with a festering poison. And though she survived after many days of feverish agony and strange dreams of smoke and ash, she woke to find herself in Ishtalla – a realm apart.

Ausha Aunaria

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