Arryn Wyleni Sanya Veritessa Miarel


Age: 26
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 192lbs
Eye Color: Gold
Skin: Olive, Well-Tanned
Hair Color: Black, Curly when Humid
Alignment: True Neutral
Additional Notes:
Arryn is the epitome of Luck’s favorite pirate. Well. Luck’s only pirate. She wears rather flambuoyant outfits and adores wearing things she’s stolen—-or, ‘come into sudden and unexpected ownership of.’ She enjoys painting little gambling marks on her cheeks as tiny beauty marks with completely not stolen makeup brushes.

Personality Type:
She’s quite carefree and honest to a point. The girl’s got a sharp tongue and a rather selfish disposition at the end of the day, her profits and gains benefiting only her if it’s outside her “job”. Her recklessness does open doors towards stubbornly finishing a job she starts, at least.

Bonds, Allies, and Organizations:
She loves her Goddess, her Ship, her treasure, and her Piggy. Otherwise: As outspoken as she is, forging lasting relationships is unlikely with her.

Freedom is important. There’s no enjoyment in life when there’s strict guidelines to follow.

A little too reckless and doesn’t always think things through…ever. She heavily relies on the luck of the draw in her endeavors.

Weapon of Choice:
GUN AND SWORD WITH GUARD. (more to come)


Born and raised as a princess of Odul, Arryn grew up separated from what made the kingdom a crummy place. The royal family were a bunch of pushovers, allowing others to nudge them around in terms of diplomacy and trade, which Arryn herself wasn’t very fond of. She disliked her parents for that reason alone, considering herself to possess a stronger backbone and wishing to leave them and this divided kingdom altogether.

Upon reaching the age of eighteen, she managed to sneak aboard and hijack a trade ship to sail away elsewhere. Her adventures up to a point were solo save for a few crewmen she had coerced into joining her.

She’s taken a liking towards gambling. In her mind therein lies a thrill she was lacking from her cushy life as a princess. Being able to overcome odds and gain some riches in the meanwhile is always nice.
At one point—at a pivotal point—she had succeeded in winning against the odds against the Goddess of Luck, Vena, herself.

Thoroughly impressed, Vena had taken Arryn under her wing, taking her in as an enforcer of sorts—a bounty huntress targeting those whom had borrowed blessings from the Goddess and had not returned their dues. Arryn takes her role with her head up.

When she’s allowed to keep the belongings of those she’s pursued, what’s not to like?

Arryn Wyleni Sanya Veritessa Miarel

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